ADNOS works on architectural residential projects with satisfied outcomes.  The saying that we shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us has never been any truer than in the case of an architecture educational building design. As creatives, architects are incessantly drawing creative inspiration from tings around them, these things could be something as little as a broken shard of glass as envisioned in “The shard” to something even more complex.


We provide top notch services for many different categories of commercial projects. There are many commercial projects happening in Bangladesh and ADNOS Interior Design wants to be a part of commercial activities by providing just the right architectural design for commercial buildings and much more and as such bring positive change in the lives of people who live and work in urban communities. We bring a perfect combination of retail and catering businesses, commercial activities and offices, houses, offices, health care centers all in one close proximity.


Our services are expanded to all the institutes around the globe and we love helping in designing the most elegant education centres embarking the creativity and vision of the centres.

Architectural educational buildings need to be creatively designed to ensure the best environment for expression and learning. As we strive to get the ball rolling for architecture schools through the buildings, there is no better option than going with the right designers for the job. Architecture educational buildings have to be able to combine a lot of things, a supportive indoor environment, an educational structure and creativity all together because the buildings are not just containers for learning, they are at the same time serve as teachers as well.


Through special space planning our designers will maintain your aims and goals. We will provide you with many ideas to ensure that your future project with ADNOS  will be a reality.

Our Master Plan service covers the below :
• Reviewing the client ethos, their vision of the future project and likely future Master Plan requirements
• First Conceptual Design & Full space planning
• Detailed report and recommendations for the future


We design unique luxurious interiors in which beauty meets functionality creating comfort space. Through great planning and precision, our specialized interior designers strive to deliver client requirements in an optimized timeframe, within a budget and without compromising on a quality. Exclusive interiors for Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Healthcare projects.


ADNOS is known to be among the top and most competitive residential interior design companies in Bangladesh. We provide residential interior designs as well as residential architecture designs. Our projects include luxury villa designs (bathroom, bedroom interior, kitchen, lobby entrance, family sitting room, space planning), Villa exterior designs (exterior design proposals, boundary designs), and landscape interior designs (garden, swimming pool design).


We produce commercial interior designs for all kinds of projects.  From the creation of concepts to space planning leading to solutions, we take care of everything. We generate the most creative ideas and brands hence adding value to each interaction. Our experts let you choose the best among all hence making your space look the most stunning and desirable among all. We value our clients and are always available at your service for any kind of commercial interior design services.


We at ADNOS have designers of all kinds of senses and styles. We design concepts, spaces, processes, solutions, ideas and brands. We do understand that the design is more than just aesthetics. It is a multifaceted, organic process that influences every element of business. It is about creating experiences, destinations, sensations – adding value to each interaction.

Our specialized interior designers give great styles and designs of hospitality interior. We have experts to choose for you the best designs for your projects and give it a great new and luxury look. For consultations, call us or drop us an email anytime!


Healthcare sector has shown growth from the last few years by meeting the demands of the patients and the hospital staff. The healthcare interior designs are made different for the children, senior patients, young patients, and the hospital staff too. These interior designs put a greater effect on the patient’s mind as soon as they enter the hospital or clinic premises.


Our professional landscape designers work creatively to have original and various landscape designs to choose from for your property. They not only give the best landscape designs in Bangladesh and ideas but also work day and night to make sure that the project is perfection and client objectives are met. Book your consultation today and look through our amazing work over a cup of coffee.


ADNOS believes that exterior home design such as Landscape design is as important as the interior because it is the first impression your visitors get when they enter your home. Landscape design adds up uniqueness and life to your villa and completes the overall theme of the house.

ADNOS Interior design experts understand the benefits of good designs and we are dedicated to providing well-lit inviting entrances to beautiful landscapes, and additional space for daytime activities in a manner that also reinforces personal identity


ADNOS Interior Design believes that exterior space design such as landscaping is as important as the interior design, since guests get first impression of your house when they enter.
Landscape design also completes the whole design of your house and adds a uniqueness and perfectness.
Our professional designers work creatively to have an original and various landscape design.